Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wisconsin II

If you look over to the right and down from "Fragments" you will see a most unusual sight.

Often missed by visitors, The Earthen Dove Effigy Mound measures 100 feet long, with a 140 foot wingspan, and is 6 1/2 feet high at its peak. Dedicated to POW/MIA's it was constructed with earth from all of Wisconsin's 72 counties, many states, Vietnam and 18 countries.

Its origins can be traced to the Native American Mound tradition. At its dedication in 1989, John Beaudin, a native American Vietnam War vet explained;

"It is a spiritual place where you can go and let your mother, the earth, hold you. Let the children play on it. Dance on it. Use it to unload your grief and pain. Lay back in the soft folds of its wings and let Mother Earth unburden you. Then get up and leave your troubles and cares there on the mound, as you walk away renewed, refreshed, and strengthened"

In 1992 a vet came to see the park. He visited the mound, lit incense and thought about his brother who has never been found. He felt a new sense of peace. He met with some other vets and three years later the Vietnamese/American Peace park was dedicated in his country; we used to call it North Vietnam. Located 60 miles north of Hanoi this park commemorates the sacrifices of war.

You can read more about this park, here;

This URL takes you to a story about how an attempt was made to build the Peace park near Hanoi, but that it ended up in Mylai. Other sites I have seen say that the one in Hanoi was built, still others say that it is still being worked on. If I find information that settles this I will post it. If you know anything about it I would love to know. You can reach me via the email address at the left.

The Highground flies the American flag and the POW/MIA flag at all times in honor of the lost and missing that we might Never Forget.

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