Monday, July 12, 2010

Ohio V

We found this site in Union Township in Clermont County, Ohio. It is located at the corner of Clough Pike and Este-Withamsville Rd, south east of Cincinnati.

Located in a community park, this site does it all. In addition to the chopper, there are markers for those who have died as a result of Agent Orange (Silver Rose) womens' service, dogs and as shown in one shot, Gold Star Mothers. The guys in the picture, who were not old enough to have even been born during Vietnam, were working hard to get the memorial completed before Memorial Day which was coming up shortly after our visit. They were very respectful and took pride in their efforts.

I was not familiar with The Silver Rose before finding it here. It is an interesting program and effort on behalf of vets and families who have suffered from or been affected by Agent Orange. This, as I have stated before, is a growing problem possibly having terrible outcomes for nearly anyone who served in-country, their families, and their children..

You can find their site here;

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  1. I love the "Heroes" quote. And I love the Silver Rose. A beautiful way to remember there are still Viet Nam veterans dying because of their service.