Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ohio IV

Thirty Three of Medina County, Ohio's sons lost their lives serving in Vietnam. The number 3, or multiples of it, plays a major role in the thinking regarding the planning of this site. The main stone is 3 sided (33"x33"x33"x72"), the base stone is 3 sided (45"x45"x45"x12"), there are three benches provided, 3 marker/flag groupings and 3 sets of evergreens that are 33" tall.

The black granite, that was quarried in the U.S., was chosen to echo that used in D.C. This site sits on land shared by the local Veterans Services Office. The people in the office were very kind in getting me information about this site.

There is no front or back so that no "...veteran or group...would be slighted" and all services have had their insignias included.

The picture with the squares lists the number lost from individual towns or cities.
Note that along the base of the memorial, each of the 33 are listed in chronological order of their loss. Only their initials are used to identify these lost heroes.

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