Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Maine XIII

While visiting the Maine Vietnam memorial in Augusta, on one of my trips there, I decided to walk into the State House just to look around.

I wondered upstairs and found a number of patriotic displays including there to Vietnam.

As noted previously on this site, the Augusta Vietnam memorial lists no names, this is true here, too except for the Medal of Honor recipients from several wars,including Vietnam. The names are all listed on the memorial found in Bangor which you can find elsewhere on this site.

Our sisters are not overlooked here. This plaque honors them all from the Revolution through the present day. No depiction here from Vietnam, but there is one (on the left) that seems to honor the Womens Army Service Pilots from WWII. My former Mother in Law was one of these heroic women and she lived the last 40+ years of her live in Maine, so I found it particularly fitting.

Next time, hopefully on the 24th, I will have a special posting for the season. Come back and check, sometime during the holidays and see, the post will go up at 9:00am, as always.

To see additional memorials from Maine or any other state click the state name on trheleft side of this page.

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