Saturday, March 26, 2016

Connecticut IX

On the way to Stamford for a relatives wedding, we came upon this small park in Trumbull. It is located on White Plains Road near Brock street in the area of the local Post Office. Trumbull is about 27 mikes northeast of Stamford.

It is not very large but is marked and quite beautiful.

The memorial lists no names but I have been able to identify 3 from Trumbull that were lost and there is even a small marker to one of them on site.

I read, just today, that the site was vandalized in December but that a local citizen was cleaning it up. No other details were given. I have seen, or read about, so many defaced and vandalized memorials it just makes me ill. What kind of idiot does that?

 I have seen this same plaque a number of places. It says;

Vietnam War
The Trumbull Beautification Commission
Dedicates This Park As A Living Memorial To The Men And Women
Of Trumbull Who Served Their Country During The Vietnam War.
“Your Sacrifice Is Not Forgotten”.

Next time, on the 31st, I hope to have a VERY special post ready to go. Something very different and I am honored and privileged to have been part of it and to have been given permission to post it here. So, check in on the 31st, as always, at 9:00am. 

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