Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Alabama V

On the grounds of the Morgan County Court House stands this memorial to the 15 men, "Decatur born," who gave their all in Vietnam. It is a simple stone listing eleven names on the front and four on the reverse, seemingly added at a later date.

The four names on the reverse

It shocks me how little information is available about this, and so many other, memorials. I have searched high and low for any detailed mention of this memorial and there seems to be nothing out there. This seems particularly odd as right on the same grounds, not more than a few feet away, is the Morgan County Vietnam Memorial, listing all of these and 7 additional names from the county. I will post about it at another time, but, like this one, there is very little information available. I fear we are fading into history and who will tell our story if there is nothing written?

Next time, on the 11th, we will return to the left coast to see another of California's many memorials. Join me, as always, at 9:00am.

To see other memorials from Alabama, or any other state, click the state name on the left side of this page.

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