Sunday, June 8, 2014

Idaho IV

 Veterans Memorial State Park in Boise honors all who have served throughout our history. It is a beautiful place with numerous remembrances. Among them are a Combat Wounded Memorial, often called the Purple Heart Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Korea and Wake Island memorials. The most striking one, to me at least, is this POW/MIA memorial. Located at 930 N. Veterans Parkway, one can follow the Patriots Walk through this hauntingly beautiful place.

It is not clear, to me, that these men are POW/MIAs, yet that is the name of the memorial. All of the dates on the 10 POW bracelet like markers, on the left, below the POW/MIA plaque, are from the Vietnam era, so, it is a Vietnam memorial, too.

One hopes, but does not know, that the two missing from the list are among those recovered in the ongoing joint repatriation efforts of our two countries. I left a message for the folks who dedicated this spot, but thy did not return my call.


The Eagle seems to be guarding the flag, the names and the memory of those  honored here. the last line of the dedication plaque, above,  reads "of the Idaho POW-MIA, inc.

This is a beautiful place and I only "discovered" it as I was checking out of my hotel, headed to the airport to leave. The guy at the desk pointed me to it, only a short drive from the hotel, but I had never seen anything about it in my ongoing research. So, many thanks to that gentleman. I am sure that I have mentioned before that I have learned to allow for some extra time on these trips as it always seems that I meet someone who can point me in a direction, previously unconsidered.

Next time,we will return to Illinois, so join me at 9:00am on the 13th of June.

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