Friday, April 12, 2013

West Virginia III

I had read that this memorial was located in Bluefield and hoped to arrive with enough light to photograph it. As luck would have it, it was dusk when I pulled into the city. The memorial was no where to be found. so, in desperation, I pulled up to a guy walking his dog and asked if he knew where it was? What are the odds? He did! But, it is not located n Bluefield, but in Princeton, 10 miles away!

Arriving well after dark, I stopped anyway, just to check it out. It is quire beautiful. At the time, I did not have my tripod with me but tried a few shots anyway. Predictably they were not good. I walked around the adjacent Visitors Center for a few minutes and then decided to spend the night near by.

The memorial is a wall which surrounds and encloses eight smaller walls. Each of the smaller ones represent a county surrounding the area. The names of the lost from each of these counties are inscribed upon these inner walls. In the center of it all is a fountain. Flags, plantings and plenty of lights make the memorial inviting at all times.

Some counties were more fortunate than others with regards to the loved ones they lost.

I read an interesting thought somewhere. West Virginia became a state because of the Civil
War. She did not wish to leave the Union. Now, all these years later, Virginia and West Virginia, at least these eight counties, are reunited by another war; Vietnam. Four of the surrounding counties whose heroes are honored here are from West Virginia and four are from Virginia!

This memorial may be found at U.S 460 at Greasy Ridge Road, exit 9, off I-77

Next time, on the17th, we will visit Morgantown, West Virginia and the nice tribute they have there.

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