Friday, November 23, 2012

The Education Center on the mall

I don't usually advertise anything on this site, but I received the following from Ann Wolcott who is a former president ot the Gold Star Mothers. She asked me to pass it on and I am happy and honored to do just that. this is an important and on going project to help educate us all more completely about the service and sacrifice of those who fight our wars.


                     COMPLETE THE MISSION 

They are coming to Washington on 28 November.  So should you.   Why are they coming to Washington DC?  They are carrying photographs?   
                                                    Who Are They?  

One is Mary Beyers.  She is bringing a photo of her son who was Killed in Action in Iraq.   Another is Ann Wolcott. She is bringing a photo of her son who died gallantly in Vietnam.  The family of Marine Captain Jesse Melton III,  killed in action in Afghanistan, will be there.  Another is Justin Constantine, who will carry the photo of a fellow Marine who gave his life in Iraq.  You should come as well. 

The Ceremonial Each will be at the Groundbreaking for the Education Center at The Wall. The location will be adjacent to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.   The Education Center will be an important addition to American history.  The Center will serve a number of purposes - including reminding Americans of our Legacy of Service.  The Center will be close  to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  The primary displays will include some of the over 400,000 items left at The Wall.  We are also completing the collection of photos of the over 58,000 Americans who gave their lives in Vietnam.

Yet there is more.  The Legacy of Service will  include the photos,  shown daily, of the 7,000 Americans who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.   They will be remembered.   American troops  risk their lives every day.  In 2014 the Afghanistan mission will be complete.  The US troops are coming home.   They have been through a great deal since 2001.  Many have been injured.  All have endured a great deal at the request of the President and Congress since 9/11.

Many prominent Americans will be taking part in this event.

In 2014 plans are for the Education Center at The Wall to be completed for them.  

Please attend.  Spread the word.    You will meet some very important people at this ceremony.  And you can thank them for what they have done to defend our nation and its values.

Jan C Scruggs, Esq. President
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

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