Saturday, August 25, 2012

Washington II

Seven names are, remembered forever, on this small monument located in the median of the main drag in Shelton. We had a hard time finding it at first, but the folks at the local museum were able direct us to the site. Situated at Railroad and 3rd, in the shadow of the trains on display, it honors the 6 KIA's and one MIA listed here.

Shelton truly feels like my preconceived notions of the northwest. absolutely beautiful, full of friendly folks, trying to help, and even, as the last pic shows, totems. This guy is just around the corner from the memorial, perhaps stranding guard.

Totem fact; We often hear the expression "low man on the totem pole" meaning the one with the least power or status, but in truth the low man is actually the place of honor on totems. So, this is another expression, often misused or misunderstood by most.

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