Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oregon II

This small, yet elegant, memorial is found in the Deschutes Memorial Gardens in Bend, Oregon. We had a little trouble tracking it down as we did not know the name of the Gardens at the time. It sits in full view of the beautiful Cascade Mountains and the grave-sites and flowers on them seem to fade into the horizon. The memorial is beginning to show its age a little and one hopes that repairs are in the near future. I searched and searched and was unable to turn up any info about this site. I will keep looking and if that changes, I will certainly update this post.

I found these engraved bricks nearby but there was no other information and internet searches have not helped, either.


  1. The Bend, Oregon memorial was completed in 1967 and dedicated on Memorial Day 1968.

  2. Thanks, Dennis! It surprises me how difficult it can be to get info sometimes.