Saturday, March 17, 2012

Georgia II

I found this incredibly beautiful and poignant memorial in Roswell, Georgia. I visited, first, at night ,in the rain. I did not realize how emotional the faces would look, in fact I doubted that I could capture any good images at all. I returned in the sun light and got a few more but it turns out that I think the first are the best. The faces in the wall represent many many people who were affected by this conflict. I, also, did not realize there was water running over the wall to create the same effect I thought the rain created!

The following is taken directly from the website for the memorial.

"The Roswell Vietnam War Monument is fourteen feet in height and twenty feet across, highlighted by Georgia marble cap stones and old colonial bricks. The plaza and walkways contain hundreds of memorial bricks purchased by supporters of the project.

Fifty faces, cast in bronze, depict an array of emotions, including fear, grief, and courage. They represent American serviceman and women, medical personnel, and Vietnamese civilians. One figure in the sculpture is that of a soldier reaching out to clasp the hand of a little girl. A sheer waterfall cascades over the backdrop faces. Viewers will be able to see a reflection of their own faces and at that instant become a part of the memorial.

As you visit the Memorial, remember those who served to protect the sovereignty of our country, not only in the Vietnam War but in all wars, and their families."


"The Faces of War-heroic and tragic
Faces of the past held present in our memories
Faces of soldiers and civilians - men, women, children all ages, all colors

And our own Faces - observes who can never know the entire story
The whole concealed and reflected by a thin veil of water - water representing tears separation of past and present a cleaning

And emerging from the Faces, one soldier stepping toward the future into a garden - Stepping toward the next generation- a child - His legacy and ours"

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