Monday, December 19, 2011

California VIII

Located very near Seal Beach, just south of L.A. is the town of Westminster. Since the town has the largest Vietnamese population in Orange County, it is not surprising to find a beautiful memorial here or to learn that it was designed and sculpted by a Vietnamese (Tuan Nguyen) who escaped from a "reeducation" camp in 'Nam. After walking to Cambodia, he eventually made it to the U.S.

Said to be the first in the country to honor both American and Vietnamese soldiers this magnificent site boasts a 12 foot statue of each, an eternal flame, fountain, rose garden and the flags of both the U. S. and the Republic of Vietnam. There are a number of dedication pavers around the site and the various signs are in both Vietnamese and English.

Dedicated on April 27th, 2003, the memorial stands in Sid Goldstein Freedom Park. The park is located at 14180 All American Way. There are several government buildings on this street and thirty minute free parking.

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