Friday, November 4, 2011

New Hampshirw VIII

On the way back to Manchester Airport, we passed this small memorial site. I took some pics and we headed home. I either never noted what town we were in or have completely forgotten. I figured this site was lost to me as I had no info to give on it. I spent hours trying to track it down on the net and even retracing my route on Google maps, hoping to find it from their photos. Nothing. I asked friends in New Hampshire and they were unable to pinpoint it for me.

Then, I realized that there was a name of a company on one of the benches. I looked up the name and discovered that it was a company in Massachusetts. I wrote them with very little hope of anyone there being able to help or that they would even respond. Well, within 10 minutes of my email, someone from the company called me. He explained that the memorial was in a town called Enfield. He said that the CEO of the company was from Enfield and wanted to do something. He designed the site and the company helped to pay for it. So, I went from believing that I would never find the info I needed to having a complete story in 15 minutes! Amazing! This journey I am on never ceases to astound me. The story just seems to unfold and I get to be the guy to tell it!

Next, I am going to move on from New Hampshire and pick up across country in California. You may recall the post about Tom Schomberg's memorial in Denver (July/Aug 2011) that lead to Ireland and back. I want to fill in some additional information in that story. So, join me next in The Golden State on November 9th as always, at 9am.

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