Sunday, June 19, 2011


Leaving Kentucky, I drove south into Tennessee. The state memorial is located at the War Memorial Plaza in Nashville. I tracked the site down and took a few pics, but it was raining and I was not very happy with the photos. I decided to come back at night and try some illuminated shots. I returned around midnight, the rain had stopped, but it was bitter cold. I heard on the radio that it was one of the coldest nights ever in Nashville. As a result an organization was there passing out food and drink to the city's homeless population. The place was very busy. It was not a good time to take pictures and seemed somewhat inappropriate to do so. I left the city the next day as the weather was bad, once again.

About a week later, after going through other parts of Tennessee and Alabama, I returned and found a good, if cold, day and was able to get some shots.

The War Memorial Plaza is a rather small area and I found it very difficult to photograph the statue and the Wall together. I had seen pictures previously of the statue and the Wall separately and now I understand why this is necessary. The only way I could find to get the whole picture was from an elevated area outside the plaza and as you can see that presented the problem of the tree in plaza blocking the statue.

The War Memorial Plaza is located on Union Street at 7th at the Legislative Plaza. You can find parking in the area and the site contains other war memorials, as well. Within the Plaza is the Vietnam Veteran's Park which specifically honors the 1292 from Tennessee who made the final sacrifice.

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