Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vermont IV

The memorial in Rutland was born from one man's depression and another's determination to see the project through.

Vet John Reno, like so many of us, had struggled with his memories, flashbacks and depression. He chose to work through these by pursuing his artistic vision. In 1981 he decided to work through his anger, to work off his pain. He began working on an abandoned piece of marble from an old plant. This would be his way out.

A tragic accident in 1982 ended his dream along with his life and the marble was forgotten. Then in 1995 John Bergeron, another Vietnam vet, went hunting for, and found the art work. This, then became the focal point of the Rutland Memorial. A local artist, Don Ramey, completed the piece as a tribute to all vets.

Described by some as a Frozen Soldier, it is Located in a median strip park it is not hard to locate on S. Main St., Rutland, VT
South side of downtown. West side of US Hwy 7/4, between Washington St. and Killington Ave.
Sponsored by VVA, chapter 1, Rutland and was made possible by many contributions from individuals and businesses, it was dedicated on Memorial Day, 2000.


  1. Love the story behind this one. I'm so glad someone found his art and that it is displayed.

  2. Hi my name is veronica Streaman. I'm am john reno's daughter. I'm so very happy and grateful my dad's sculpture and dream was completed and recognizd. Thank you for helping make this complete!

  3. Thank you to all involved in this memorial

  4. Mom, thanks for getting in touch. I am proud to be able to do this work, and memorials with stories, such as this one, remind me of the importance of letting others know the stories behind the memorials. Sometimes I can find no info and have very little to write, but then, along comes one as well documented as this one and I, too, am renewed..

  5. Where you part of this memorial Michael ?

  6. Only as a photographer and veteran who was moved by the story.