Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Indiana III

The guy in Muncie told us we had to go to Anderson to see the memorial there. He said it was about 20 mikes away and that we should not miss it.

We drove over to Anderson and found one of the most beautiful city parks I have ever seen. We wondered through talking to a number of locals as we did so. It turns out that the memorial there is a multi-war site but as it was so beautiful I couldn't help but take some pics.

We met a fellow who told us that he was the multi-great grandson of one of the teachers of Henry David Thoreau, which we found quite amazing. He described his relative as a Utopian Socialist, which certainly helps one understand Thoreau a little better!

He directed us to the City Hall in Anderson, where there are several markers to a number of wars, including, 'Nam

The last pic in this series is just a shot of part of this beautiful park from the memorial.

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