Monday, March 22, 2010

Florida IV

I moved on from Tallahassee to a town called Milton. I had read that they had some kind of a memorial, but did not know quite what to expect. It turned out to be a good decision. Along the river they have built a memorial plaza that covers numerous wars. There was so much to see that I will make the next two posts pictures from the site. As is often the case, there seems to be very little written information available. Here, too, the site must speak for itself.

The first picture is of the dedication plaque seen as one enters the site. The next is of the overall site and the following are self explanatory. I was pleased to find, once again, tribute to War Dogs.

Another interesting feature is that the Vietnam section of the wall list no names, only major historical points of the war. Names can be seen on the many bricks, dedicated to individuals, that make up the floor of the plaza.

The final photo of this post is of an unusual marker called the Wall of Tears. I have not seen anything like it thus far. It really amazes me what some towns, like Milton, do for their vets.

Good job, Milton!

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  1. Good job, Milton! The Wall of Teas made my eyes well up.

    and Good job, Mike. I'm enjoying following your adventure.