Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Mexico 3

This first picture is of the chapel from a different view. I have read that from some angles it has been described as a "Sail" like structure. This picture makes me think of a plane taking off, perhaps from an Aircraft Carrier.

The inside of the visitors center has a variety of exhibits, a film and other interesting artifacts including books filled with the photos not currently on display. One thing that caught my eye was a poster from the era. It helped me to recall that Americans, in particular, will always find a way to insert humor into even the worst of situations.

The inside of the chapel, as stated before, is very simple, with padded, amphitheater like seating. The slim, ceiling to floor, window looks out at the mountains and allows in a little light. You will note that visitors leave various mementos here, too.

The display area is opposite the window. The picture in the middle is of David Westphall and the others are the ones that rotate throughout the year.

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  1. This is truly amazing. I love that the dad mixed the soil of the two places. That really makes it a kind of eternal memorial, no matter what happens to the structures.