Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Jersey 2

These faces remind me of the memorial in D.C. I have beautiful portrait photographs of the D.C. ones that were given to me a number of years ago.

The New Jersey site is also the home of the Vietnam Era Education Center. The building is a short walk from the memorial and serves as a Visitor Center and resource center for anyone seeking info about the war and those who served.

The following is taken directly from the Center's web site.

"The Educational Center was planned to augment the Memorial and help visitors gain a better understanding of the war in Southeast Asia and the surrounding political strife in America. It compliments the solemnity of the Memorial with a dynamic and lively learning environment."

You can find out more info (and I urge you to visit) at;

In addition, the site is home to the Women Veterans Meditation Garden, a beautiful and fitting tribute. The site is a garden area with a variety of flowers and plantings along with benches, peace and solitude.

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