Sunday, November 5, 2017

Washington XII

Anacortes is located on Fildago Island just off the coast of mainland Washington. I have been communicating with my friend Steve, from Anacortes, since he read about my journey in a local reprint of the Washington Post story published in 2010.

He told me that he had found a small memorial which had fallen into disrepair and that he wanted to see if he could do anything about it.

We spoke off and on over the years until I finally got the chance to visit a while back.

We met in a local Starbucks and then he took me to Grand View Cemetery where  we found a brand new memorial to the three from the area that gave all in 'Nam. This part of our country is extremely beautiful and I thank Steve for meeting me and sharing this beautiful memorial.

This last picture is a different view from the cemetery.

Next time, on the 11th, look for a special Veterans Day post at 11:00am.

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