Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nebraska X

Beatrice lies in the southeastern part of Nebraska, bordering northern Kansas.

A town of a little more than 12,000, it has built a beautiful memorial park to all of her sons and daughters who have served.

The memorial is a 5 pointed star honoring each of the services and those who have served or are serving are listed and honored on plaques.

I noted these names, among others, all from 'Nam but could not discern any indication of how they fared. I was very pleased, that with a little research, to discover that Beatrice lost none of her own in 'Nam. This,  to me, makes the memorial even more meaningful.

The park, located at 6th Street and Perry Street, also has a series of raised placards telling the history of the towns service from 1875 to the present, among several other displays.

Next time, on the 30th, Memorial Day, look for a special post, as always, at 9:00am

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