Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Florida XIII

DeLand is about 35 miles north of Orlando and we (my frequent companion and life long friend Steve was with me on this trip) took a short detour to go see it. A city of fewer than 30,000 found a way to honor Vietnam  in two separate memorials in the city. How many times on this site have I commented on the dedication of small towns to their veterans?

Today, I will post just about the specific one near the Court House, on Indiana Street, in downtown DeLand.

There is not a lot of information available about this small, yet somber remembrance.

It contains no names just silent watch. I was able to find six names from DeLand who were lost.

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Next time, in the new year, on the 3rd of January, come with me, once more to Louisiana, as always, at 9:00am.

To see other memorials from Florida, or any other state, click the state name on the left side of this page.

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