Monday, November 9, 2015

Pennsylvania XVII

Because I live on the east coast, I get to these states more often than to those further west. As much as I travel and as many states as I try to see, it is just easier, obviously, to visit those that I can just jump in the car and spend a day or two looking for sites.

Pennsylvania, right next door, as you can, see has a number of sites, this is the 17th post from the state, and is certainly one of the most well represented states on this site. As you read this, however, I will have just returned from a relatively extended trip to Washington and Oregon where I hope to have picked up at least ten additional west coast memorials.

This site located in Lebanon in a small park not too far east (about 35 miles) of Harrisburg, Pa. and was inspired by a visit from the traveling Wall. How many times have been able to make that statement? I am always pleased when I do. It is a little unusual in that it features bas relief  "portraits" of soldiers and is made mostly of red brick which is not too often seen. I have been unable to determine if there is a specific reason for this so as I always do, I will ask you to let me know if you have any information. In addition, the main figure is clearly a Vietnamese soldier carrying another, who appears to be American. You can reach me in the "Comments" section or privately by using the email listed on the left side of the page.

44 of Lebanon's own are honored and remembered here.

The 544 bricks were hand etched and included in the 9x15 Wall.

Entombed within the Wall, in a time capsule, are the signatures of all those who participated in the project, including the pens they signed their names with.

The Wall, itself, bears no names but the lost are honored on a plaque that stands in front of the Wall. It is said that an unintended and unforeseen feature here is that when it rains the soldiers appear to have tears in their eyes.

Many are remembered on pavers that lead up to the memorial.It may be found at the intersection of S.10th and Elm Streets.

Much more interesting info on this memorial may be found here:

Next time, on the , we will visit South Dakota, once again, so join me there, as always, at 9:00am.

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