Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Today begins a new year. It astonishes me to realize that 2015 will be my sixth year of writing A Means to Heal. When this all began, I hoped I might get three years out of it. I figured I would visit each state, photograph its official memorial, tell its story and that would be about it. As many of you know it turned out that a number of states have no "official" memorial, so, I had to rethink the plan. This, actually, opened up many new doors and possibilities and forced me to visit corners of states I might never have seen if the original plan had developed as I had first imagined.

I have visited every state, some a number of times and I often think that this journey is nearly over. While I have documented hundreds and hundreds of Vietnam memorials, I continue to learn of new ones or ones I was merely unaware of while visiting a particular state. This year, for example, I expect to return to Florida, Maine, Louisiana, Texas, Washington, and Oregon. If I can arrange it, I would also like to revisit Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, and Alaska, but those plans are still just a vague hope. And, one never knows what I may learn of elsewhere!

At any rate, I will continue to seek out, photograph, visit and honor as many new sites as possible and then, of course, share them with all of you.

Speaking of that, I have a request. I would ask each of you to forward this site to a someone who might be interested. Like all writers, I am trying to reach as many as possible. I hear on a regular basis from people, vets in particular, who until they visited this site, did not know these memorials existed. Every one has told me that seeing and learning about these memorials has contributed to their healing and that makes this important to me. so, please, take a moment and think of someone you know; your father, grandfather, uncle, aunt, mother or your sister or anyone who might enjoy, or benefit from A Means to Heal and help them find it. As you all know there is no advertizing, and nothing for sale, on the site, so the only way new readers learn of it is through you. So, again, do me (and hopefully them) a favor and help them to join me on the journey at

Thank you and I hope hope you have the best of New Years. I promise to continue to seek out and share as many Vietnam memorials as I can. I ask that if you know of any memorials in your state or elsewhere, please let me know and perhaps together we can build this site and help others to heal.

Next time, on the 6th, we will, once again, visit Alabama. So, join me, as always, at 9:00am.

To see memorials from any state in the Union, click a state name on the left side of this page.

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