Monday, January 20, 2014

New York VIII

Walking this silent path, past the bollards and all the names, past the soldier traveling through time, and past those who were awarded the country's highest honor, it is easy to feel as if all has been said, that this place is complete. But, no, there is more. You wander into the place known as The Learning Area and here, there is more.

A number of large stones tell more of the story. They teach you history, they challenge you to remember and never forget, and they wring one last tear from your heart.

Every reading of this is as difficult as the last.

And, finally, one not anticipated. In keeping with our pledge that one generation of vets will never again abandon another, this tribute to our fellow soldiers from The Korea War, the forgotten war, is one of the last you see as you continue up and out of this area.

This is the penultimate post from Rochester. Next time on the 25th, return to see the Garden of Refection, a tribute to those lost after the war and an unusual, whimsical, mood lightening drinking fountain. As always, at 9:00am on the 25th of January.

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  1. This one made me cry. This is a wonderful memorial.