Friday, November 1, 2013

Maine V

339 KIA/MIAs are honored here.
From this angle, the soldier is being aided by his comrades

But, this way, one sees the Huey swooping in to his assistance.

About 70 miles from Augusta is Bangor, Maine. It is the home to a very nice Vietnam memorial. It consists of a statue of two soldiers aiding another, a wall with al 339 KIA/MIAs, a tank and a Huey. Located at the Cole Land Transportation Museum, (405 Perry Road) it honors our brothers and sisters from Maine.

When I first learned of it, some years ago, I thought that it was the official state Vietnam memorial. Later while visiting the state capitol at Augusta, I discovered the one there: also, the Maine state Vietnam memorial.

The one at the capitol, previously posted on this site, was dedicated long before the one in Bangor and I have no explanation as to why they are both called the Maine Vietnam Memorial. I know that the one in Bangor was built so that there would be a memorial listing all the names of those lost or missing, as there are no names on the Augusta memorial. I have tried, without success, to contact representatives of each to see if I could determine the reason why each bears the same name. There are other states that have more than one official memorial but usually one is called a memorial and the other is called a monument or some other such designation. (As always, if any of you know anything about this, I would live to hear from you. There is an email on the left side of this page.)

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