Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Massachusetts II

I was planning to write about the memorial in Springfield, Ma, but I  made a new contact in Springfield, today, who has promised to send me additional material on the site. So, until that arrives, I will write, instead, about a memorial in West Springfield, just minutes away. Located in the Town  Commons area, this and other memorials were added in 2008. It stands nearby a 9-11 memorial dedicated to all but especially to a local resident who died on that fateful day.

The Vietnam memorial is dedicated to all who served and commemorates the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. There are five names listed upon the monument and another is honored on a separate stone laid at the base of the original, obviously at a later date.

The names are a little difficult to read due to the glare. They are:

Joel H. Chapin
Richard N. Gauthier
Daniel L. Grover
Raymond G. Masse
Alan L. Matte

And upon the single stone:

Henry H. Herrin Jr.

Next time, on the 22nd, join me to visit a school in Connecticut that pays tribute to those who were lost, from Connecticut and all states, on its walls. As always, at 9:00am

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