Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Utah III

This unusually shaped memorial is in Kearns, Utah. When I saw it, it stood in the corner of a Big Lots parking lot. A little odd I thought at the time, but it was at a fairly busy intersection so I figured that must have something to do with its placement.

Well, as luck would have it the road needed to be widened so the memorial has been moved. I have read that it has been refurbished and now sits across the street from a Kearns High School at the new Veterans Memorial Park at the local recreation center. The exact address is 5670 S. Cougar Lane (4800 West).

The original site, which reportedly was the site of the entrance to the now defunct Army base, Camp Kearns, which was closed in 1946, measured 20 by 20 and also housed a WW1 canon and some flag poles. All of these have been moved to the new site.

I have been unable to find any additional information about this site. As always, if you know something, I would love to hear about it. You can contact me at;

Next time, on July 1st we will travel on to Carbon, Utah, so join me there as always at 9:00am

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