Saturday, February 16, 2013

Illinois IX

Directly across the street form the Vietnam Survivors Memorial in Chicago, I found this most unusual and compelling display. It is called Fallen Soldier Salute in contrast to the Survivors Memorial across the street.

It is POW cage filled with a number of artifacts. I spoke briefly with the son of the man who built it and he confirmed that his Dad was a 'Nam vet but could not explain the various items in the cage. He did say that his Dad acts as kind of an unofficial caretaker for the memorial across from his house.

I wonder about the significance of any of the articles. Is there something about the white boot laces? Or, the angel? and, what kind of a rifle is that. We used the older M-14's when I was there, but this looks older than that. Maybe an M-1, M-1903?

I have spent hours trying to track down information on this site and so far, nothing. I was able to find the name of the builder and have sent him a letter asking that he contact me (phone numbers seem unavailable) If he is willing to do that I will post whatever I learn here.

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