Friday, September 14, 2012

South Dakota III

Aberdeen lies in nearly the north east corner of the state. The memorial here is dedicated to the 14 who gave their lives in Vietnam. The four triangular steles, backed by flag poles and surrounded by benches, list their names, rank and where they were lost, and depict a number of scenes as well as quotations from JFK and others. It was an interesting day as it was so humid that keeping my lens clear proved to be nearly impossible. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the local rivers were flooding and the resulting humidity affected what I was trying to accomplish.

This memorial is in Anderson Park located at 6th Ave. and Boyd St.

From Aberdeen, I drove even further east, almost to the state line where I found a memorial to one solder. In some ways even more moving. Simple, respectful and standing with similar monuments to other wars, this one, once again, says much about small towns. Join me in Milbank at 9:00am on the19th.

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