Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kansas V

Antioch Park is 44 acres of beauty in Merriam, Kansas. Within this beautiful oasis is a Vietnam memorial. It is said to be the first in the area and while its honors the fallen, it also has some unique features. Created by the well known sculptor, Leon Lickteig, it features a wall with the honored names, rocks that represent the mountains of Vietnam and also the back of the dragon! The dragon itself surrounds the flagpole in the center of the site. The flora of Vietnam are also featured, etched in the concrete of the plaza.

The fourth photo attempts to show the dragon encircling the flag pole but I did not have a wide enough lens to capture it very well.

Note the eye of the dragon as highlighted in the final picture. It is the silhouette of the face from the POW/MIA flag! Brilliant!

Come back on Monday for a special Memorial Day post.

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  1. This one seems very unique, and very moving. I love the dragon's eye.