Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tennessee V

While at breakfast with the guys from Soddy Daisy, one of them asked me if I had seen the memorial over in Dunlap? One of things I love about this journey is that this seems to happen on every trip! Someone tells me about a site I have never heard of before. Assured that Dunlap was only about 20 miles away, I set out to see what was there.

When I arrived all I could find was the beginnings of a Veteran's Memorial, still under construction. (top pic) I stopped at a local National Guard Amory and the good folks there assured me that what I had seen was in fact the new memorial, not yet completed. One of them said, "Have you seen the one in Whitwell?" "It's only about 20 miles from here!"

Somewhat amazed, I set out again and this time found this great park.

On my next post I will show some other pics from Tennessee that I think you might find interesting, too.

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