Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wisconsin VI

Another of the very first sites I ever saw was in Milwaukee. It was at least 20 years ago and those pictures are long since lost. Too bad, because the present site is not just as I remember and I wonder if it has grown or if my memory just isn't accurate?

Anyway, the site here, The Southeastern Wisconsin Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, sits right on the lake and is in a Veteran's Park. It is dedicated to the 1241 who were lost and the site is well marked. It consists of three Wausau Red Granite columns. There are 22, 26, and 30 feet tall and represent the fallen, POW/MIA's and those who made it back. Each of the five surrounding benches represents one of the services and the eleven granite posts are for the recognized span of the war.

There is an inner circle of bricks that are reserved for 'Nam vets and an outer circle which may be dedicated to those of other conflicts or anyone who would like to show respect and support. In addition, there are markers for Medal of Honor awardees and those who were POW/MIA. The MIA bricks are marked with a star if and when the remains are ever recovered.

For additional info about how to dedicate a brick, go here;


I, also, found this interesting video from just this past May, about the memorial and vets efforts to ensure that it remains inviting and respectful.


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