Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vermont V

We found this park in Waterbury.

In a small park we found memorials to several wars including Vietnam. Built in 2000, this memorial lists all who served. KIAs and MIAs are designated by stars. There are 238 listed as having served. One MIA is honored here.

We met a lady who runs a mobile Hot Dog stand. She told us that she had been working this spot in the park for 18 years! She, also, told us that the Garden Club used to care for the site and worked diligently to keep it beautiful and fully in bloom, in season. She was a little unhappy that someone else had taken over the responsibility and was not keeping it up to previous standards. She explained that some of the flowers formed a large red star at one time. You can still see the red flowers but there is little sign that they ever formed a star.


  1. After having the great opportunity to speak with you as you were checking out from the Ramada in Reno I wanted to look over the journey you have taken.. I think you have put together some amazing photos as well as a vivid journey of what you have accomplished!!! Look forward to seeing your new entries!!!! Best of Luck!!!!

  2. Thanks Robert, I appreciate that you checked the site and let me know. I hope you continue to follow my journey and please check in anytime.


  3. Michael,

    Very nice website. Enjoyed the conversation on our flight from Phoenix to San Jose. How did your trip in the San Jose area go? The weather ended up a little wet and cool where I was staying but not too bad. I hope you are safe on your travels as you complete this impressive journey. I will keep a review on your blog to see how it goes. Maybe we will cross paths again during our travels.

    Good luck,

    Paul Weathers

  4. Thank you. It was wet and cool most days. Deep snow in Nevada (who knew?)so, I didn't get to as many sites as I had hoped but probably got 12-14. The California Memorial at Sacramento is indeed impressive as is the Nevada one in Carson City. the drive through the Sierras was magnificent! thanks for checking in and please let me know what you think as we move along. It was a pleasure to meet you, too.