Thursday, September 30, 2010

Virginia V

I stopped at the Marine Corp Museum adjacent to the Marine base at Quantico, Va. The museum was closed, but I found this memorial to the Purple Foxes and those killed in the battle at Khe Sanh on the grounds. Individual tributes are found at the base of trees or on the bricks that make up the walkways. I have read that there are other memorials on site but I was unable to locate them. A guard at the museum said that he was unaware of where they might be. So, I will return when the museum is open and post the results later. The museum is particularly beautiful and while not specifically Vietnam, it deserves inclusion here, I think.

As to the design of the building, here is what the designer had to say;

Curstis Worth Fentress, the architect who designed the Museum, acknowledges that his primary inspiration for the design of the Museum came from the famous image of the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima. However, as he states, the significance of the building’s design goes beyond simply mirroring that iconic image: “This Museum is a new icon. Whether it is Iwo Jima, rifles held at ready or independent iconography, the clean lines and modest materials are suggestive and reflective… engaging every visitor on a very personal and individual level.”
Taken from the museum web site.

To visit either the memorials or the museum go to;

18900 Jefferson Davis Highway
Triangle, Virginia 22172

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