Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pennsylvania IX

This site is in Beaver, Pa, just north east of Pittsburgh. It is located in Quay Park and as you can see is quite extensive. Again, I am in awe of what small towns do for their own.

This is the second site I have found with the bracelets, worn by so many, prominently featured. The site is dedicated to the 73 fallen/MIA and those who have since died of other complications.

I noticed, while there, the absence of a POW flag. This was a first! Then, however, I noticed that across the street, at a WWII memorial, the flag was displayed along with the U.S. flag. The universality of the POW flag is gaining every day, it seems. I in no way begrudge this acceptance of, what I consider, a Vietnam icon. It is estimated that there are still 188,000 MIAs from all of America's involvements, so it is certainly fitting that this iconic symbol speak to, and for, us all.

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  1. I LOVE the bracelet at this memorial, together with the Laurence Binyon quote. Made me cry.