Sunday, February 21, 2010

North Carolina 2

After Raleigh, we went over to the Lexington/Thomasville area to check out the memorial there. We arrived just before sundown, which made for not the best pics, but we got to see the memorial completely alone. In fact, it was closed for maintenance, but we just climbed the barriers and went in.

It is quite a site. A large circular area, created by a berm. The memorial is entered from only one position which directly faces the wall of names. Paths guide you through and several benches are provided for rest and reflection. As you enter you pass the dedication stone which honors the 216,000 from North Carolina who served and the more than 1600 who made the final sacrifice. I read on one source that the number is 1607, but another quoted 1624. The site, which is located in the exact center of the state, has 100 North Carolina River Birch trees planted to represent the county. 58,000 more line the Freeway. I noted that this site was dedicated in 1991, several years after the one in Raleigh. This may explain why there seem to be two "official" sites in North Carolina.

As we were leaving, the lights came on and I was able to capture the moment before it became too dark (pic 4). Some of the other pics here were taken a day or two later when we returned to be able to take our time and do this magnificent memorial justice.

Next we went on to Charlotte, NC. More about this beautiful memorial soon.

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  1. I like the entrance. And you got both flags unfurled! Nice. I bet it is beautiful when those birch trees are full of leaves.