Sunday, November 29, 2009

Maryland 3

In Montgomery County, MD, there are two memorials. One is located at the County Court House in Rockville and the other in Cristman Park in Gaithersburg. Rockville and Gaithersburg are right next to each other, so if you go to one, you are just minutes from the other.

The Rockville site is simple. A stone with comments about honoring those who served is placed at the foot of a White Oak, the Maryland State Tree. Nearby is a set of flags dedicated to all who have served.

There is a proposed site in the "new" Silver Spring, an area going through tremendous revitalization. When this site is completed, I will post photos and information.

I will post photos of Cristman Park in a few days.

Map this memorial.


  1. I never knew these existed! Nice to know MoCo has something for the Viet Nam vets.

  2. Dad,

    This is going to blow your mind, but I am 95% sure that I "planted" the rock outside the Rockville courthouse in 1988. I was working for a landscaping company the year after I graduated from high school. We brought that rock to the courthouse in a truck and set it in place. We knew when we were working on it that there was going to be a plaque attached to the stone, but we did not know the content. I haven't given it another thought for 20 years until seeing this post.

    What an amazing coincidence.

  3. What is it about trees? Solid, stately, comforting. I like this memorial best, so far.

    Mike, keep up the great work. I'm enjoying your blog more than I can share.


  4. Hey there,
    Love the article in the WP! Your story is one that folks not from the vietnam era like myself need to hear about. Loved the background information on the memorials; I would never have undertood the significance of details like the dog tags on the boots without your sharing your knowledge. great photos, great work!
    Thank you for your service to this country, Nicola